Wednesday 29 April 2015

One Day at a Time ...

Bill W and Dr Bob
The Twelve Little Gems

Doctor Bob Swiss was a fine arts specialist.
He was given an honorary doctorate in fine art by the University of Ohio.
His fine arts store was based in downtown Akron.
His wife Annie was the jewel in his heart.
To his staff, he was affectingly known as Dr Bob.
In running the shop, Annie played major part.

Dr Bob’s main salesperson and watch specialist was aptly called, Bill Watchman.
Things started to go wrong for Bill:
He developed a drink problem,
As he hit the bottle every day.
Eventually, his wife, Pearl could not cope and left the family home.
Dr Bob, decided to sack him; he was at the end of his tether with Bill,
As there had been enough ticking offs, for the watch specialist.
"Bill I am getting another watch specialist," said his boss.
"Please Doctor Bob," says Bill.
Dr Bob replied, "You have had too many slaps on the wrist.
You wear it well, until another round of drunks comes my way.
I know you have a heart full of gold Bill, along with the little gems you possess.
As a result, I have had a cluster of returning customers.
But my counter is not visible anymore; you have become counter-productive."
Bill pleads again, "I will stop drinking; I will not get stoned again."
Dr Bob replied, "Here is an address; you go there tonight."
Bill did, and to his surprise, along with a host of others, stood Dr Bob.
"Oh Doctor Bob, I was not expecting to see you here."
The doc replied, "In here you can call me Bob.
I know what it’s like to be without Pearl
And I know she still loves you," said Bob.
"I am coming here, for over thirty years," Bill.
"Now it’s in your hands, one day at a time."

Time moved on; Bill done what was suggested.
He became the manager of The Joyful Ringhouse.
Then, eventually, he partnered Dr Bob.
The Joyful Ringhouse later became known as The Twelve Little Gems,
Or, as the locals called it plainly, Bill and Bob’s.
One day, Pearl entered the shop to see Bill on a family matter.
She stood back and cried, "Oh Bill, your eyes are shining like diamonds."
Pearl returned many times to see Bill
Until one day, she shouted with joy, "Please Bill, it’s my third finger, left hand.
The man you have become, Bill W, is worth more than Wall Street combined."
Bill shouted with Joy, "Pearl, my beauty, I never kept my eye on the watch.
It was just one day at a time.
Thanks to the Twelve Little Gems and my friend and partner, Dr Bob,
I am able to fulfil my position at the counter and till,
And at last my hands are able to stay still."
"Oh, how wonderful," says Pearl. "Now my Diamond, let’s shine in Him."
The Twelve little Gems filled itself with customers.
The coffee pot was always on the boil,
As the customers were served, with a smile.
"Keep coming back," said Bob and Bill,
"We need to put numbers on our pendants, and not to stay still."
Though the partners were never alone.
As the Shop glowed and sparkled, with Bob’s jewel, Annie and Bill’s gem, Pearl.
One Day at a Time.

The moments, the hours, the days ticked away;
Bob and Bill and family have gone on.
Many cities and towns have Bill and Bob’s message - one day at a time -
As the The Twelve Little Gems shone around the world.
Little lights formed clusters, to bring the Pearls and Jewels of this world
Back into the arms of those who were robbed by King Alcohol.
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Copyright © Dezi Jay M, January 2015